Land Surveyors

To be eligible for Professional Land Surveyor Registration in Rhode Island, you must meet the minimum qualifications set forth in R.I. Gen. Laws § 5-8.1-9(e)(i) - (v)

Note: Anyone who does not possess a degree from a four-year or a two-year survey program will need to demonstrate compliance with the core curriculum as required in R.I. Gen. Laws § 5-8.1-9(h).


Notice - Individual Professional Land Surveyor Registration - Not Enough

Important Reminder to Registered Professional Land Surveyors - Each entity that practices or offers to practice land surveying in Rhode Island must hold a current Certificate of Authorization. This required "COA" is in addition to the individual's registration stamp. Check to make sure that your firm (whether sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership or LLC) has a current COA. Contact the State Board of Registration for Professional Land Surveyors with any questions.

Design Professionals

Board of Registration for Professional Land Surveyors