Professional Engineers

Changes to R.I. Gen. Laws Chapter 5-8 for Professional Engineering Effective July 6, 2021 — Graduates of 4-year ABET/ETAC accredited Engineering Technology programs are now eligible for PE registration in Rhode Island provided they meet all the statutory requirements. (Note the 2021 changes to Chapter 5-8 will not appear on this website until approximately December 2021 – please refer to the Public law until that time. 2021 P.L. Chapter 162, Article 9, § 1.)

Professional Engineering General Information, Guidelines, and Policies

Please refer to Professional Engineering By Exam General Information, Guidelines & Policies. FE Candidates no longer need to apply to the Board prior to sitting for the FE exam.Please check the NCEES website.

Electronic Signatures / Seals

The State adopted the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act ("UETA") that allows state agencies to determine whether or not to give legal effect to electronic records. As a result of the ("UETA") the Board of Registration for Professional Engineers is offering guidance to its registrants regarding electronic signatures/seals. Registrants will be allowed to use electronic signatures/seals on submissions to governmental entities that accept electronic signatures/seals as allowed by UETA.

Registrants should use best practices when using electronic signatures/seals.

Registrants should review the feasibility of using encryption services to protect the integrity of the registrants' electronic signatures/seal.

Notice — Individual Professional Engineer Registration Not Enough

Important Reminder to Registered Professional Engineers - Each entity that practices or offers to practice engineering in Rhode Island must hold a current Certificate of Authorization. This required "COA" is in addition to the individual's registration stamp. Check to make sure that your firm (whether sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership or LLC) has a current COA. Contact the Board of Examination and Registration of Professional Engineers with any questions.

Design Professionals

State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers