Professional Engineers

NOTICE:  Effective February 1, 2023, the RI PE Board no longer requires examinees to submit an application prior to registering with NCEES and scheduling a PE exam.

You may take the PE Exam PRIOR to obtaining the required experience.  You cannot apply until all of the requirements have been met.  The requirements are outlined on the Categories page.

FE and PE Exam Candidates must apply directly to NCEES to take the exam. Board approval is not required.

All applicants for PE Registrations must apply online. Please click on the link in the blue button below to start your application process. An NCEES Record is required.

Individual Professional Engineer Registration

Click Here to Apply for an Individual Professional Engineer Registration

For Exam Information, please visit the NCEES website.

  • NOTICE: Effective February 1, 2023, FE and PE Exam Candidates must apply directly to NCEES to take the exam. Board approval is NOT required. 

NCEES Record Required for all Applicants

After completing your online application, you must contact NCEES and request transmission of your NCEES Record to the Rhode Island PE Board.

Please ensure that your NCEES Record is accurate and up to date.

Information on obtaining a NCEES record can be found at:


The following items are required

  • Licensure Application completed online
  • NCEES Record (with no exceptions)
  • Application Fee of $ 100 paid online and is non-refundable


The following items are required

  • Comity Application completed online
  • NCEES Record (with no exceptions)
  • Application Fee of $ 150 paid online and is non-refundable

All fees are non-refundable

Initial Application Fee: $100.00

Comity Application Fee: $150.00

EIT Certification Fee: $ 25.00 (no expiration, no renewal)

Registration Fee: $300/$150*

*Upon receipt of application approval, you must log into your account at and pay the registration fee of $300/$150 depending on if you are in first year or second year of the licensing period which runs from July 1 in odd years to June 30 in even years.

Renewal Fee: $300 for two-year registration.

FE EXAM WAIVER REQUESTS – Board pre-approval required

NCEES requires a passing score on the FE Exam to register for a PE Exam without a state board approval. 

In Rhode Island, the FE Exam is required by statute for all applicants, unless an applicant can demonstrate that they have an ABET-EAC degree and 12 years of experience under the supervision of professional engineer. R.I. Gen. Laws § 5-8-11(a)(4)(i).

If you believe you are eligible for a FE Exam Waiver, please fill out our online application and then contact NCEES to transmit your NCEES Record—complete except for exam scores—to the RI PE Board. The RI PE Board, upon receipt of a complete application, will review the request for a FE Waiver. If granted, the RI PE Board will notify NCEES that it has waived the FE Exam requirement for that applicant.

If you hold an ABET-ETAC degree, you are not eligible for a FE Exam Waiver. R.I. Gen. Laws § 5-8-11(a)(4)(ii).

Pursuant to R.I. Gen. Laws 5-8-3, RI issues PE Registrations by engineering discipline. The list of recognized PE Disciplines in RI can be found in the Board's Rules and Regulations, § 1.4. 

Registration Disciplines will be assigned by the Board as follows:

  • The discipline that will be granted is based upon your education, experience and exam results.
  • If you have only taken one exam, you will only be granted one discipline.
  • The Board only grants multiple disciplined registrations when multiple PE exams have been passed.
  • Requesting more than one discipline in your application will result in Board review of your application and may result in longer review times.

Apply for Engineer-in-Training Certification

To Apply for Certification as an Engineer-in-Training - please click on the below link.


The following items are required with NO exceptions

  • EIT Certification Application
  • Transcripts and General Reference Forms are required.
  • Application fee of $25 is non-refundable and must be paid by check or money order made payable to the "General Treasurer, State of Rhode Island." Cash is not accepted. 

Certificate of Authorization (COA) Application Packages

Click Here to Apply for a Certificate of Authorization (COA) Registration