Landscape Architect FAQs for Consumers

To verify an “Landscape Architect individual registration” or an “Landscape Architect Certificate of Authorization (“COA”) for the firm,” please use this tool on the Board’s website: elicensing.

  • The Board reviews complaints at regularly scheduled Board meetings.
  • Board staff typically send the complaint to the Respondent for a response.
  • The Board may dismiss the complaint if it does not find probable cause, or if the dispute or relief requested is outside the Board’s jurisdiction.
  • The Board may investigate the matter, including, as deemed appropriate, with the assignment of one (1) or more Board members to conduct further investigation. The Board may interview the complainant, the person against whom the complaint has been lodged (referred to as the “respondent”), and/or any other witnesses.
  • If the Board determines that disciplinary action is appropriate, it will make a recommendation to the Department to proceed with an enforcement action. The Department will assign the case to a Department attorney. The complaint maybe be resolved by consent agreement or proceed to an administrative hearing in accordance with the Department’s Rules of Procedure for Administrative Hearings, 230-RICR-00-00-2, and the Administrative Procedures Act, R.I. Gen. Laws Chapter 42-35.

In a contested case, the Board only has the jurisdiction to discipline the person against whom the complaint is made. The Board cannot order anyone to pay restitution or give other specific relief to the complainant. Neither can the Board give a complainant legal advice. A complainant may wish to contact a private attorney to evaluate any civil remedies which may be available.

The Board reviews complaints on a case-by-case basis. There is a possibility that the Board may request you as the Complainant to appear before the Board to gather more information.


Legal Counsel for the Board of Examiners of Landscape Architects cannot represent you or provide you with legal advice. You may find it helpful to review the website for the Rhode Island Bar Association website to learn about finding an attorney.

You may find it helpful to review these websites of the Rhode Island Secretary of State and the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation. Additionally, attorneys and Landscape Architects specializing in business formation and consulting would be able to help you.

RI Department of State - Business Services

RI Commerce - Start My Business

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The Board is comprised of qualified individuals appointed by the Governor to serve on the Board on a voluntary basis. To view information about board member appointments, please click here.

The Board is a public body that generally meets every other month beginning in February. While administrative staff may be able to answer certain routine questions between meetings, matters that require Board action are required to be noticed on the Board’s meeting agenda per the Open Meetings Act, Annual Meeting Notice.

Open Session Meetings are open to the public. Executive Session Meetings are closed to the public.

All meetings are listed on the Rhode Island Secretary of State’s Office (“SOS”). Please visit Open Meetings for this information.

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All meetings are listed on the Rhode Island Secretary of State’s Office (“SOS”). Please visit Open Meetings for this information.

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